The Chinese-English Dictionary (I)

Author: Lu Gusun

ISBN: 978-7-309-10954-2/H.2389

Publication date : 01/08/2015


The Dictionary adopts the principle of eclecticism, including common words, encyclopedic terms, new words, and new meanings of older words. At the same time, it also lays focuses on the inclusion of Chinese words from Hong Kong, Macao as well as international countries and regions. As Chinese-English dictionaries also function as tools to aid foreigners learning Chinese, this dictionary indeed takes into account the needs of Chinese language learners. To address the main problems encountered by this group, its composition has involved the selection and collection of old and new words, proverbs, two-part allegorical sayings, and dialects, ranging from classical Chinese to the latest internet slang. The publication of this dictionary will support the improvement of both the Chinese and English level of Chinese people and will also help foreigners effectively learn Chinese.


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