The Construction of Democracy

Author: Shangli Lin

ISBN: 9789811220616

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The book expounds on the role played by democracy in China’s revolution and modernization led by the Communist Party of China (CPC), and how the CPC, in both its party building and state building, has constantly sought to leverage democracy’s positive functions while avoiding its shortcomings.

Special attention is paid to reconstructing and explaining the historical contexts from which the Party’s theoretical innovations have emerged, thus offering readers insights into the inner political logic that has shaped China’s development.

The author, a member of the Party’s senior policy panel, offers a perceptive analysis of the modernization of the country and its governing capacity, and provides a clear assessment of how democracy in China has developed with the times.

Always bearing the big picture in mind, the author has not shied away from some of the more controversial parts of China’s recent history, and his deep understanding of relevant Party documents and historical facts give strong support to his analyses. He concludes that that the Party is central to leading the nation to explore its path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and that the country has always emerged stronger after setbacks.




  • Theory:
    • Political Logic of Democracy Construction
    • Construct Democracy from Theory
    • Build Chinese Democracy with People as the Center
    • State and Society Construct Party System Together
  • Strategy:
    • Socialism and State Building
    • Effective Governance and Big Country Growth
    • Accumulate Legitimacy in Validity
    • State Response to Democratization
    • Party Institutions and China’s Democracy
    • Operation of Democratic Centralism
    • Consultative Politics and China’s Polity
    • From Consultative Politics to a Harmonious Society
    • To Build a Public Service Government
    • Political Transparency
    • Civil Organization and Political Reform
    • Democracy is Built from Grassroots
    • Citizen Consultation and Grassroots Democracy
    • Party-Centered Anti-Corruption System


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