Cyber Politics in US-China Relations

Author:Cuihong Cai

ISBN: 9789811220241


Cyber issues are of utmost importance and sensitivity for US–China relations today. The combination of cyber and politics is also developing from “low politics” to “high politics”. This book discusses cyber politics in US–China relations from four distinct aspects: first, the overall analysis of the role and manifestation of cyber politics in international relations from a theoretical perspective; second, the main issues regarding cyber politics in US–China relations; third, the factors influencing cyber politics in US–China relations; and fourth, the prospect and practice of cyber politics in US–China relations.

Based on an exploration of issues in cybersecurity, cyberspace governance, ideology and the power tussle in cyberspace between the US and China, as well as an analysis of the factors influencing cyber politics in the bilateral relations from the perspectives of strategy, discourse, and trust, this book asserts that cyberspace is rapidly becoming a new arena for the geopolitical games between the US and China. A new form of cyber geopolitics is thus emerging.

Cuihong Cai, PhD, is a professor of international relations at the Center for American Studies, Fudan University. She received her BS (1993) and MS (1996) in biophysics as well as her PhD (2002) in international relations from Fudan University. She also holds a BA (2001) in English language and literature from Shanghai International Studies University. Dr Cai is the author of Cyberpolitics in US–China Relations (2019), Political Development in the Cyber Age (2015), US National Information Security Strategy (2009) and Internet and International Politics (2003) as well as several dozen articles and papers on cyber politics, cybersecurity strategy, cyberspace governance and US–China relations.



  • Introduction
  • Theoretical Perspective of Cyber Politics in International Relationss
  • The Reality of US–China Cyber Politics: Competition, Conflict, and Cooperation
  • Geopolitics of Cyberspace: The Essence of Cyber Politics in US–China Relations
  • US–China Cyber Political Issues: Ideological Expansion of America in the Context of Cyber Politics
  • US–China Cyber Political Issues: Cybersecurity and Governance Issues in US–China Relations
  • Strategic Perspective of Cyber Political Analysis: Strategic Choices in Cyberspace for the US and China
  • Discourse Perspective of Cyber Political Analysis: A Case Study of the Narrative of Cyber War between the US and China
  • Trust Perspective in Cyber Political Analysis: Strategic Mutual Trust between the US and China in Cyberspace
  • The New Big Power Relations between the US and China in the Framework of a Community of a Shared Future in Cyberspace
  • Conclusion


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